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Creativity Commons

Connect through creativity


The Creativity Commons were created by a group of students in response to Whitman College’s decision to move to an online learning model. This site is part of the Virtual Campus initiative, which aims to provide students a space where they can pursue the extra-curricular elements of the Whitman experience.

The goal of the Creativity Commons is to provide a centralized location for students to share their creative projects. Whether it is a painting, a scarf, a table, or a herb garden or something completely different, you can submit your creations to this website and share with your fellow students how you have stayed mentally active and creative during this time of separation.

Check out the latest posts:

  • Living in the Time of Coronavirus
    by Rachael Zucker An interview with 14 people about their thoughts/experiences living through this time.
  • Sidewalk Chalk Moose
    by Margaret Tookey To anybody who can find joy in a moose.
  • Vegan Cinamon Rolls
    by Cameron Conner The first batch of cinnamon rolls that I have ever made, and to add an extra twist they were vegan — just for Kimberly Taylor! Great morning snack to add to the repertoire. Shoot me an email if you would like the recipe!





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